Our Mission

What is the Truth really all about is probably your first question and possibly why you landed here today, to find out the about. But before I answer that question, I feel it's important to tell you about the why of this site. 

Over the past several years I have come face to face with some very hard circumstances and through my journey I have been left feeling alone and in every instance searching for answers, information, support, love and acceptance. Recently a voice inside me led me to create a platform where other women (and even men in some cases) might be able to find exactly that - information, support, love and acceptance. The Truth About Blog was created for you, for me and for anyone out there who needs a virtual, soft landing. A place to read, laugh, cry or even share if you so desire.

The intent of The Truth About Blog is to provide information and support centered around a loving and accepting audience.

Eventually, TTAB will invite subject matter experts and other authors to post insight on specific issues, followers can then comment and engage with one another to create a virtual conversation. 

About The Creator

Along with wondering what this blog is all about you're probably wondering who is the person behind this site? Let me introduce myself, my name is Amy B. I am 40+ years old, happily married, mother to an amazing little boy and 2 sweet dogs. I met my Husband in my mid-thirties and shortly after we married I left Corporate America to pursue my lifelong desire to become a Momma. Our journey to conceive is one of the reasons why I decided to begin this blog/site. 


Some other things you should know about me: I have an undergratudate degree in Communication Studies and I hold an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting. I love to read, explore history and I have a deep desire to help those that cannot help themselves - particularly animals and small children. I am a daughter of Christ and thank God daily (sometimes hourly) for his Grace and Mercy over my life and my soul.

My desire is to share my journey - although at times very dirty and tathered - in hopes that it might help someone in need. In my youth I didn't have a place like this and I believe if I would have had more resources I may have made better choices. So that's my goal, to help at least one person as they navigate through this crazy journey we call life!

Welcome and thank you for being here!


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