The Truth About Raising a Toddler

So your baby just turned two and everyone keeps talking about the so called terrible twos. My son recently turned two and it seemed like overnight he became assertive, confident and highly independent. The truth is, this wasn't overnight it only seemed like it happened overnight.

I recently read a book were instead of calling the transition from one to two “the terrible two’s" they liked to call them the trying two's — and I completely agree.

My son is a small person, in a small body, in a very BIG world. He’s only been walking for a little over a year (or half his life), his vocabulary is equal to maybe 2 pages in the Webster dictionary and seeing the massive world from 2.5’ off the ground would be daunting to anyone, am I right?!?!

What I have learned as a new parent is that my expectations need to be in line with what my son can and cannot do. An hour shopping trip to Target, Costco, or Home Depot simply isn’t going to end well for anyone. Being a good or even mediocre parent requires perspective on a regular basis. As a parent I have to remind myself that I am raising a person, a little man that someday I hope will be a kind and sweet gentle-man. We are their first teachers, their first leaders, their first examples of how to be a human being in a really big - not so forgiving - world.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I need to check myself and remember that my frustration is likely because my expectations simply are not realistic. Or, it could be as simple as I need a little momma-reset myself whether that be a short walk alone, reading a good book or a well deserved mani-pedi.

So what’s the take away? Let us remember that our kids are simply that - kids. We need to give ourselves permission to slow down, enjoy this time and all the frustrations that come with it because you know what, it is fleeting. This truly is a point in time and like that it’s gone.

When your little one asks you to pick them up, remember soon they will be asking you to drop them off a mile away from school. Or when they need that extra hug because they are overwhelmed, remember that all too soon you’ll be wishing they’d make eye contact with you. Keep your perspective in check and give yourself permission to hit the rest button, do it for yourself and do it for your kids.

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